Reasons to love having a faucet filter

Filter faster and deeper
Attached to the tap, Faucet filters rely on water main pressure to pass it through a denser and therefore more effective filtration media than that of Jug filters. You get your cleaner water faster.
No installation needed
As opposed to under-counter systems, faucet filters mount on virtually any tap, which make them perfect for use in rented apartments, moving and during trips.
Serve longer than water jugs
Thanks to larger and denser cartridges, facet filters purify more water before needing a replacement. Some fitlers last up to a year.
Easy and convenient
Just attach the filter to the tap to get clean water instantly. Some faucet filters are equipped with a flow diverter to stay connected to the tap when you don't use filtered water.

Things to consider

Faucet filters combine advantages water jugs and under-counter systems. However, you should take the following into account before making your selection:
Aquaphor faucet filters can be attached to the majority of faucets and bottles, though there still can be some exceptions.
Some filters remain attached to the tap even when you don’t use them. Use the diverter to switch water flow.
Your faucet should be firmly attached to the sink to maintain the weight of a faucet filter suspended with a water-soaked cartridge inside.
Travel filters make water safer by reducing contaminants found in tap water. However, they may not reduce certain substances in water that come from other sources.

Which Faucet Filter to choose

Aquaphor faucet filter models have similar purification capabilities, varying in size, filter life capacity and the way they attach to the tap. Choosing a filter, consider the convenience of using it where and when you need a clean drinking water.

Counter-top faucet filter Modern is the largest Aquaphor faucet mount system with a filter life of up to 4000 litres. It is a great choice for families that would like a more productive drinking water system than a filter jug but are limited in their choice of faucet systems by their rent agreement. The slender housing is located right on the sink countertop close to the tap, so plan the space in advance. Aquaphor Modern has modifications with different tap connectors including a flow diverter and replacement filters for hard water.

On-tap filter Aquaphor Topaz is a compact filter that stays directly on your faucet. This ergonomic system has a visual filter replacement indicator as well has a diverter (purify/non-purify) to control when the filtration in on. With a filter life of 750 litres it is capable of purifying your drinking water for a few months.

B300 and Voyager are both robust lightweight portable faucet mount purifiers using the same filter cartridge. B300 is dedicated to the in-house on-tap use, while Voyager can connect to a typical plastic bottle and is operated with a hand pump for safer and fresher drinking water outside. Aquaphor Voyager is a popular choice for fans of the outdoor lifestyle and frequent travelers. Voyager filter life is 1000 litres, which is enough to support a long journey while preventing the disposal of numerous plastic bottles.

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